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Our Bilge Organizer was designed to take the place of a Sea Keeper on boats designed with a Sea Keeper pod. Our Bilge Organizer was designed to fit (4) Yeti Buckets with a snug fit but will also accept regular 3 and 5 gallons buckets with a loose but secure fit. There are also (2) cutouts for rod holders making a great storage sport for bait nets. The center of the organizer is cut out to fit a stern anchor shank and also the anchor line. This product was design to be used in addition to our anchor holder and based off a Sportsman 302 bilge access compartment.



26.5" x 26.5" x 5.5" tall


Some installs will require drilling and tapping into the Sea Keeper pod and then bolting into place.

Bilge Organizer for Sea Keeper Pods


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